90s shit: Five chunes from the glorious decade

Five sizzlers from the murks of youtube, compiled for your listening pleasure.

St Vitus Dance – Mystic Vibrations (Peacefrog, 1994)

What more can be said about this one? Peacefrog have one of the most unparalleled discographies of any 90s record label, one that shows a variety of moods, tones and dance halls. A label that still finds its records within the bags of many djs, and ones that command high prices due to their genius.

This one jumps out above the rest as one of those that can groove and move with equal measure, a beautiful blend of UK house vibes that were common place with groups like Language and Mark Goddard. Dipping in and around a techno style beat, but more regular, beautiful deep pads take the listener to another dimension. Like early Derrick May or Mr Atkins, but with a bit of a British blend in there. A style that fits all, boots big and gleaning, shining bright. A pure belter.

listen ere: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFmhnDHJn90

Spooky – Little Bullet (High Velocity Mix) (Guerrilla Records, 1993)

One of those tunes that starts off unassumingly, to then pounce on you like the hunter catching the game. A pure roller, a consistent thumping’ beat that jumps and injects you with dance serum.

The deepness that exudes here is unquestionable, one that evolves via a series of synth lines that grows and grows to highs that are hard to describe in just words. Pure mind melter, perhaps that works the best. Techno vibes, but on the good side, the focus being on the relationship between the synths and the drums, working alongside each other in perfect harmony.

listen ere: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bT6uViNNB_s

Gipsy – I Trance You (Limbo Records, 1992)

“kick drums you into submission”

Sounds about right for this absolute belter from the Limbo Records crew, one of Glasgow’s many legendary underground dance music labels from the 1990s. Liquid trance meets tribal rthymns that pound and pulsate over an evolution of melodic elements that combines the best of rave, house, trance and techno.

The first three minutes serve up a wonderful exercise in Beaty goodness, flowing and grooving constantly, before a beautiful piano breakdown lifts the spirits up. It doesn’t stop there, as the drums come back in, little by little, before the euphoria reaches that eyes closed rolling to the back moment, when everything doubles up and goes into overtime. Truly, one of those magical 90s musical moments. It captures a generation, and captures the spirit of British musical innovation during this decade.

listen ere: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNhnwET-ByE

Incentive – You (Queen Version) (Trancebeat Records, 1992)

Lots of attention has been paid to Italian dream house from the late 80s and early 90s recently, primarily due to the Safe Trip and others serving up represses from the genre. Needless to say, these tunes sit right along side the current production of tunes being made, and their influence is there to be seen; the vibes, the deepness, the hues and of blue.

This one has escaped the repressers, and it remains one of the stand outs of the genre. Textured, layered, techno vibes throughout, it is something different, focusing on the continuation of rhythm, rather than break downs that add so much to other tunes from this time period. The transitions between drumming patterns is sublime, and the lovely three chord line carries the tune through magnificently. A real stunner.

listen ere: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKeaL6ZQnGU

The Warmdue Kids – In My Soul (3c Deep Mix, 1995)

Finally, here we are. The deepest of the deep. One of the standout deep house tunes from the 1990s, this one builds superbly. From a simple chord progression, through to a magical vocal line, before suddenly, from nowhere, a majestic house beat, with ‘In my Soul’ belting out, with little chords and pads lifting the track into hyperdrive. Maybe the best chune on the list. Just listen to it!

listen ere: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2TamrH2Yz4U

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