The Endless Grooves Best of 2019!

So here it is, the Endless Grooves picks of 2019. Its been a crackin year for music, with some fantastic stuff released across the board, and some forgotten gems brought to light. I’ve probably missed some shit, but hey, you can’t win it all in life.

The list is broken down into LPs, EPs, Reissues and compilations, with the order of issues in no particular order. They all possess their own unique qualities so it would be difficult to quantify which is better based on that!

Also! a few of these I have had a chance to review, but a lot of them I haven’t, which is a great shame of mine, but being primarily a one man operation currently and working full time, I find it difficult to always be able to write reviews. So its short and sweet here!


DJ Fett Burger  & DJ Speckgurtel – Red Scorpions (Royal Oak)

An absolute corker of an LP from the Burger and Speckgurtel, who team up to produce a record that is as varied as it is hynoptic. The duo embark on a trip through various genres, from the softer sides of jazzy house through to Italo tinged tear jerkers, to dubby up tempo house numbers, it has something for everyone. Certainly one of the most complete records on offer this year, you can’t deny its content, where happy faces are found all around. A real pearl! and one that should defo be added to any house lovers collection.

Flavours: House/italo

Check it out here:

Sleep D – Rebel Force (Incienso)

Cooor, the Sleep D boys really pulled out a number on this one. Oozing late night raves and big old techno cells, the pulse from this record will be felt way after you have finished listening to it. Designed to shake ya to the cor, the album weaves its way through the spectrums of techno, rave, acid, house, breakbeat, and the melting pot that is created when these genres all meet. A proper workout, check ‘Danza Mart’ for a proper head spin!

Flavours: house/techno/rave/breakbeat/acid

Check it out here:

Daniel Manunick – Macumba Quebrada (Far Out Recordings)

Maunick takes us on a long old voyage through the blissed out realms of jazzy dub, broken beat, house and spoken word, in an album brimming with life and character. It truly is a wonderful piece of music, with musings and unbounded narrative filling up the gaps between interesting and varied cuts of instrumentations. The variety always holds together, with the flow running through the record remaining so strong up until the final note. top tip!

Flavours: house/deep house/jazz house/broken beat

Check it out here:

Priori – On a Nimbus (NAFF)

Its pretty fair to say that Priori absolutely smashed it out of the fucking park on this, his debut LP. A sublime blend of dub techno, progressive house, breakbeat and jungle flavours, it represents the very pinnacle of the Canadian scene, where boundless expressionism within music just shows no signs of stopping. Endless Grooves doesn’t like to pick out favourites, but this might be nearer the top end of our best of LPs list. Just timeless shit. Check it out!!!

Flavours: dub techno/progressive house/90s influenced/breakbeat/jungle

Check it out here:

Yin Yin – The Rabbit That Hunts the Tigers (Les Disques Bongo Joe)

The Yin Yan crew serve up all the groovy flavours you could ever desire on their excellent 2nd LP. Explorative guitars meet simmering beats, mesmerising psychedelic heartbeats meet funk, boundless keys meet the groove you always wanted but never knew where to find it. Like Los Porcos tripped out and really went down the rabbit hole, we would arrive at this record. A superb record, check ‘One Inch Punch’ and the title track for pure flavours! top tip!

Flavours: Funk/groove/psychedelic

Check it out here:

Barker – Utility (Ostgut Ton)

What more can be said about this record? It’s rare that a record provides us with a series of songs that all reach for an overarching concept so expertly, and without words, and allow us to connect with it on so many levels. Now that is a skill. Barker really gets in touch with his love of synths, as he embarks on a journey through the manner of machines and how they interconnect in our lives. The words left unspoken reside between the keys, our hearts given over to it. An album that will be remembered for a long long long time. Elevated bliss.

Flavours: trance/techno (?!!!)

Check it out here:

Space Ghost – Aquarium Nightclub (Tartelet Records)

A wonderful record filled to the brim with deep hooze goodness, where the chords and keys strike true. Taking inspiration from the natural world, Mr Ghost combines this with machines and urban night views to create a living breathing intersection between the two. Its all so damn warm and cosy, we feel such bliss and goodness reverberating from this release. One of the classiest deep house records from this year. check it!

Flavours: Deep house/house

Check it out here:

Steve Hauschildt – Nonlin (Ghostly International)

A record that speaks through its blissed out message, Hauschildt deliveries a series of tales that bind the listener to the journey that is about to unfold. The tones, textures and feels are so otherworldly, that at times we feel transported to planes of existence never considered possible. This is all to do with the balance of effects and placements of pads, as we fill the space between to maximum effect. A record of fundamentals and limitless possibility.

Flavours: IDM/Dub techno/ambient

Check it out here:

URA – Entertainment (Collect-Call)

If one record was to soundtrack the happenings of life, it might just have to be this one. Ura utilises stripped back dub inspired drumming patterns and sparse keys to create worlds we can only imagine, but feel so familiar with at the same time. The spaces created are devoid of anything, to be appropriated by the listener and how they wish to connect. The tunes here sing fucking loudly, and this record remains one of 2019s most complete and sonically impressive. Check ‘Junglist Lament’ for some seriously deep vibes.

Flavours: Dub/ambient/downtempo/jungle

Check it out here:

Stump Valley – Natural Race (Dekmantel)

The record that literally defines summer, with joy, desire and groove permeating from every single corner. Taking inspiration from sunnier sides of house and dance music, the Valley boys offer us this fantastic showcase of tunes that get your blood pumping and the feet moving like never before, with tracks such as ‘Magnifico Notturno’ really showing what these guys are trying to achieve. If you want a big old smile on your face, check out this damn fine record!

Flavours: House/funk/nu-disco

Check it out here:

Forslag Pa Musik ‎– Book of Mirrors (Sunken Rock)

Distant pop dreams meet leftfield sensibilities on one of 2019’s more out there LPs, the Pa Musik guys surely do create one of this years most compelling musical landscapes. A series of spaces and realms shine through between layers of varying instrumentation, from light guitars to cheeky synth lines. It has it all, check ‘This and that’ for all the soft feels you ever need.

Flavours: synth pop/leftfield/house

Check it out here:

Richard Lamb – Automatic Tango (Temple)

hell yeh, this record is fresh! a carefully considered blend of all those good things, Lamb utilises dub aesthetics to maximum impact here, helping to achieve a full and rich sound. The keys are lush, the drums deep and heavy, and even though each track represents elements of individuality, there is a beautiful stem that links it all together. Top tip!

Flavours: Dub/electro/synth pop

Check it out here:

Placid Angles – First Blue Sky (Magicwire)

John Beltran’s first album as Placid Angles in 22 years couldn’t have come at a more fitting time. A brilliant album, balanced between techno, house, IDM and everything inbetween, each tune displays a different side to the sounds that swirl around this mans head. The emotive tones just elevate this record, truly a modern day classic, and one that will forever reverb for years to come. top tip!

Flavours: Techno/IDM/drum n bass/house

Check it out here:

U-Udios 3: Doubler – Lines of Force (U-Udios)

If you fancy jam fuelled hazy dub electronic work out vibes, then this is certainly the album for you. Each track displays a vibrancy that only arises from experimentation, with all the tones and progressions mixed up and turned around to create a compelling and powerful listening experience. Check out the rest of the label, run by Protect-U, its all great! this is the pick of the bunch from this year anyway!

Flavours: house/dub/IDM/experimental

Check it out here:

Mallard – Balancing (Jungle Gym Records)

Mallard steps up to the plate with his debut LP, and jeeeeze what a stunner! from his previous works, it was clear he was looking to move into a more expansive sound, and boy does he make advantage of that on this release. Expansive, sun drenched synths swell over the sounds of nature, that dominate the landscape between blissed out break beats, that provide respite to it all. Smooth, relaxing and beautifully paced, Mallard really did himself proud on this one. A pearl.

Flavours: Ambient/breakbeat

Check it out here:

Violet – Bed of Roses (Dark Entries)

On yet another brilliant debut LP, Violet treads the line between various genres and tones to curate a fantastic selection of tunes that operate on numerous planes. Written as a loving reference to the producer’s teenage years, the poignant messages found within the narratives and synths really help to connect the listener to past memories, the good times and the bad. To do so in such a vivid way is pretty masterful. Check ‘They Don’t Wanna Know’ for one of 2019’s best synth riffs!!!!!

Flavours: trip hop/Electronic

Check it out here:

Pacific Coliseum – Blue Universe (Coastal Haze)

Mr Coliseum continues on his eternal quest for softly spoken electronica perfection with this, his second LP out on Coastal Haze. Whilst his previous works had more of an emphasis on drumming intermingled with his delightful key work, here the shift moves towards more drawn out and richly dense environments, where the keys last a lifetime and the emotions ride fucking high. A gorgeous record, one of the best on Coastal Haze, and one of our faves from this year too.

Flavours: balearic/electronica/downtempo/ambient

Check it out here:

Eluize – Confide (Craigie Knowes)

Eluize joins the Knowes family with a stellar debut LP, that really showcases her skills at composition and genre expanding electronics. The tunes here feel beautifully crafted, drawing from a wide range of influences and atomspheres to provide us with an awesome listening experience. The vocal work is also top notch, and really helps to contextualise the sounds with little snippets here and there. From the straight up dance grooves to the soft synthy dreamscapes, it has it all. Really grand! tippppp.

Flavours: House/electro/acid

Check it out here:

Central – Om Dans (Help Recordings)

Central really can do no wrong, and he is showing no damns signs of slowing down his impeccable output just yet. A record that shows him at his dynamic best, the tunes operate on numerous levels, the production top notch, and thats not even talking about the musical content. Each track just adds to the overall conceptual brilliance of the LP, house music at its most exploratory, pushing perimeters of what is possible and considered. Perfect for those deep night thinking sessions, whether it is in the club or at home. You couldn’t ask for a better accompaniment.

Flavours: House

Check it out here:

Forte – Intermissions (Oen Rec)

Forte brings all the goods here on one of 2019’s strongest LPs. Bridging the gaps between composed downtempo house, to switching up the gears towards garage style beats, to utilising weird yet undeniably compelling chord changes/progressions, this little masterpiece has it all. The balance between short breaths of fresh air and longer excursions is also one to relish in. Superb stuff!

Flavours: house/downtempo/deep house

Check it out here:

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – Bandana (Keep Cool/Madlib Invazion)

The hip hop titan duo make their return on this hugely anticipated follow up to 2014’s ‘Pinata’. This time round saw the pair work more closely together on the song creation process, with Madlib crafting beats alongside Gibb’s verses structure to create a record that feels slightly more representative of the pair’s collective styles. Trap is a new feature, and one that works really well alongside Madlib’s masterful soulful beats and Gibb’s deadly flow. A worthy follow up, and its exciting to think where the pair will go in the future with this project.

Flavours: Hip hop/trap/souful hip hop/conscious hip hop

Check it out here:

Textasy – Texas Terrortech Volume. 1 (FTP/Natural Sciences)

Textasy turns it out on this one hard, with his unique take on applying 90s sounds into the contemporary underground dance music scene. Taking samples from 80s modern soul, he blends some hard ass drum and bass vibes into it all, creating an LP filled with surprises and pure hard energy bangers. Defo one to check out.

Flavours: Drum and bass/jungle/Ghetto/breakbeat

check it out here:

Unknown Mobile – Daucile Moon (Pacific Rhythm)

And so we arrive at the end of the LPs list, and what better record to end on than Unknown Mobile’s second LP effort. He has had quite the year, with stellar releases on Planet Euphorique and SOBO, with this one really taking the icing on a year of all sorts of musical flavours. Assisted by CFCF, Mr Mobile delves into the softer sides of lushness, where exotic tones and dreamy synths work alongside Balearic style guitar picking and textured beats. A superb effort, it must be said, and one of 2019’s most pleasurable listening experiences. Check it! top tip!

Flavours: Balearic/breakbeat/downtempo

Check it out here:


ANF – Manua Kea EP (Pacific Rhythm)

Some serious heat from the ANF crew on this amazing Pacific release. Filled to the brim of 90s dance music references, the duo here do what they do best: twist these genres into something unbelievably fresh and undeniably intense. The title track is just such an outrageous tune, its build up and kick are near perfection, whilst ‘Chi-Motion’ is a beautiful homage to the Orb and FSOL styles of dub techno and IDM. Top tip!

Flavours: IDM/techno/allllll the good shit!

Check it out here:

The Balek Band – Danse Primitive EP (Beauty and the Beast)

An EP filled to the top with sunny shiny goodness, you will never get sick of the grooves on this one. The band traverse all sorts of spectrums, dipping into deep synth lead funk, through to more stripped back melodic grooves, before culminating with an amazing Mystic Jungle remix to boot. What more can you want?? guaranteed to get the heads moving.

Flavours: Nu Funk/Disco/Synth/Balearic

Check it out here:

Luca Duran – Circunvalar EP (Akoya Circles)

Duran gives us some beautiful flavours on this one. As a homage to 80s sounds that reverbed around the clubs at the time, the music takes on this unique blend of old and new. Fresh as hell, it crosses through all the spectrums, giving us with some beautiful moments to take away and cherish for the years beyond. Big tip!

Flavours: House/Electro/Kraut/Leftfield

Check it out here:

Desert Sound Colony – Cartographer EP (Scenic Route)

Mr Colony certainly was busy in 2019, releasing 4 EPs. His first of the year however was our pick, mainly due to its properly expansive take on breakbeats and UK sounds. Colony merges deep and heavy synths with dense bass, and beats to match. All of this comes together to create thought provoking club music, that switches up enough to really make heads turn. The title track on this one is a proper stomper, defo check!

Flavours: Techno/breakbeat/UK sounds

Check it out here:

Jeremy Hyman – FT048A (Future Times)

Hyman serves up the goods for the always amazing Future Times, on this most impressive of EPs. He really shows his ability to craft epic worlds and boundaries, with all these little intricacies meaning you will always be coming back for multiple listens. A top top tip!

Flavour: Electronica/techno

Check it out here:

Thomas Gray & Liam Ebbs – 3 Days, 2 Nights (Analogue Attic Recordings)

An album of pure serene beauty, that comes through both from the imagery it evokes and the relationships it explores. Natural sounds and soft breakbeats conjure up images of interfaces between nature and culture, whilst the beautiful piano and soft synths add this extra emotive element into the mix. Just so you can really picture what these two producers are looking to recreate. Serious tip, top EP.

Flavours: House/acid/other worldly

Check it out here:

Guerilla Toss – Retwisted Crystal (Khotin & Yu Su Remixes) (Khotin Industries)

Pure unadulterated remixes from two of the most compelling producers in the game. Both provide two remixes each for the original track list, all of which can be applied to many various situations. Why don’t you give it a shot? all of them are superb, perhaps the most interesting remix record of the year.

Flavours: House/dub/electronica/downtempo

Check it out here:

Ondo Fudd – Eyes Glide through the Oxide (Trilogy Tapes)

Call Super will always catch you by surprise, but always in slight and intriguing ways. Here, on his latest outing as Ondo Fudd, he delves deep into the riddims of it all, interlacing impeccable beats with thought provoking keys and synths that wrap themselves into our environments and invite us to come and really live. The attention to detail, as always, is on point, and the music will always present itself as refreshing via each listen. top tip!

Flavours: House/techno/acid/italo

Check it out here:

Cosmic Resonance – Cosmic Residents Vol 1 (Cosmic Resonance)

A wonderful collection of tunes from the Cosmic crew, that really shows off their spectrum of sound that has resonated from their label the past few years. From classy nu-disco belters, to slowed down funk house chunes, to synth pop gems, this EP comp has you covered on all sides. They even threw in some fast paced techno for good measure, so yeah. if you wanna buy one EP this year, consider this one.

Flavours: Techno/house/balearic/nu-disco/broken beat

Check it out here:

Son Milton – Memory Haze (No Shallow Pool)

Glasgow Deep. Milton steps here on this brilliant EP that shines new lights on the sounds of the past to create something that invigorates as much as it thrills and surprises. Shimmering beats meet deep synths, coupled with a properly good understanding of transitions and tempo change. Linkwood even contributed some additional mixing, so yeah, its a belter of an EP. Certainly up there as one of the year!

Flavours: House/deep house/Techno/breakbeat

Check it out here:

Derek Neal – Reason Machine (Funnuvojere Records)

An EP full of so much progressive goodness and emotive feels, and represents another impressive EP debut for the year. Neal blends his love and understanding of house and techno into his own style, where melodies and key lines work on top of outstanding beats to create four cuts that all showcase his diversity of interests and sounds. A producer to watch, for sure!

Flavours: house/techno/IDM

Check it out here:

Joey G II – The Ghost EP (Orphan Records)

Joey G steps up here with a belter of an EP, that takes garage, broken beat and UK sounds to new heights and territories. A love letter to the producer’s time living in south London during the 00s, and his Rickenbacker guitar, the EP is a wonderful blend of soft yet enchanting beats and beautiful melodic moments that transcend the listener to warm summer evenings overlooking the city. Top tip!

Flavours: Broken beat/garage/Uk Sounds

Check it out here:

Cosmic Garden – Rhythm of Life (Hot Haus Records)

Mr Garden has been supplying bountiful selections of new school Italo and deep house for the past few years now, and the flavours keep on coming with his latest EP. filled to the brim with deep selective goodness, the tunes are expansive too, taking in numerous changes and transitions that allow for repeat listening. For when you’re chilling with a drink by the pool or deep in the dance by the palm trees, this one has you covered.

Flavours: Deep house/Italo House

Check it out here:

Ed Longo & Applied Arts Ensemble – New Life (Early Sounds Recordings)

An absolute gem of a release, the latest in a long line of gorgeous releases from the Early Sounds Camp. Longo and the Arts Ensemble bring through strong essences of funk, cosmic jazz and Balearic vibes that will last a lifetime, and soundtrack the best night of your life. Soft, tender, groovy, this one really does have it all. Serious shit right here!

Flavours: Boogie/Cosmic/Balearic/funk

Check it out here:

Kota Motomura – New Experience (Hobbes Music)

Give it up here for Mr Motomura, who delivers one of 2019’s most compelling and musically exciting releases. Moving between the lines at a moments notice, we connect to the music on so many levels, as Motomura explores the very essences of house, balearic and techno, taking all the genres to very exciting new places. One release that should be heard by all.

Flavours: House/downtempo/balearic/techno

Check it out here:

Ronan – Prolongez La Magie (Eternal Ocean)

Ronan has had a fantastic 2019, with releases on Planet Euphorique and Budget Cuts and the first release on new label, Eternal Ocean. This one stands out a bit more, due to its wonderful approach to creating fluid beats and experiences that run through each track. Creativity responding to conventions, Ronan really crafts a special blend of techno that will drive through the dance for many nights to come. Stellar stuff.

Flavours: house/techno/breakbeat/Uk sounds

Check it out here:

DJ Popup – Heather (NES)

DJ Popup announces himself onto the scene with a beaut of a debut, on his new label NES. The music blends from downtempo electro stylings, through to proper Detroit organ workouts, to techno thumpers that heal the mind and move the feet. We are all about this, with each tune tapping into the essence of what music means to make you feel alive. Pure bliss.

Flavours: House/techno/deep house

Check it out here:

Pascal – Arcipelago (Periodica Records)

Take a dip into sunshine with the first of many fantastic Periodica releases from this year. Pascal takes the Mediterranean feel to the absolute limit, providing us with some serious lushy goodness that warms every part of the body. The key work and beats are beautiful, conjuring up images of the Rivera in the setting sun. Check ‘N.D.S’ for one of the tunes of the year, it will never ever disappoint.

Flavours: Balearic/nu-disco/funk/disco

Check it out here:

Delicate Wash – WASH 3 (Delicate Wash)

The best collection of edits from this year? almost certainly. The Wash crew showcase once again their deep deep crate finds to present us with four brilliant cuts, that range from the slow and sexy to the out there and otherworldy. The blend of riddims on display is fantastic, meaning you will have a cut to play at any occasion. Serious heat!

Flavours: disco/latin

Check it out here:

People Plus – Third Place (Mood Hut)

What more to say about this record? absolute perfection. The record that has it all, from peerless instrumentation to forward thinking creativity, to moulding and bending genres to their will, we can’t think of an EP that really changed the game this year more than this one. Just give it a listen. Give yourself over to it. This might be the EG number one!

Flavours: jazz house/house/funk/Balearic

Check it out here:

Mogwaa – Pilgrim (String Theory)

Mogwaa serves up some global sounds on his latest EP, that charts his journeys through various cities and environments. As a result, the record has a beautiful urgency about it, as if he wishes to channel all the interactions and energies he experienced into each track. Summery synths and beautiful layering makes up the rest, a proper enriching listen!

Flavours: Balearic/house

Check it out here:

Laurence Guy – Making Music is Bad for Your Self-esteem (Studio Barnhus)

Guy flexes his jungle muscles on this proper heavy and densely filled release, that touches on all sides of his sound plus additional touches of his origins. His beautifully textured house side comes through strong, along with some extended and drawn out drum and bass influence productions that provide a perfect foil to his more well know musical outputs. A brilliantly balanced EP, full of things for everyone!

Flavours: house/downtempo/drum and bass

Check it out here:

DJ Central – Presents 3 Tracks (Gravity Graffiti)

Central makes his second appearance on the list for this year, in the form of three tracks that represent his various musical outputs. The EP blends and bends from progressive trance/house, to one of the most outrageous drum and bass/jungle tracks you will ever hear in your life, to beautiful calming ambience that just provides respite from the pure energy of the first two tracks. Class across the board.

Flavours: Jungle/progressive house/ambient/drum and bass

Check it out here:

Various – Good Timin’ Vol 1 (Good Timin’)

Another excellent compilation from the Good Timin’ Camp. Solid grooves across the boards on this one, that cover the house, funk and neo groove side of things. Includes Congo Radio and label head Jex Opolis, its all the good shit. Defo check it out!

Flavours: house/downtempo

Check it out here:

Alfie – Plastic Entertainment (Outer Zone)

Oh so much richness on this one. Alfie takes the Outer Zone label into new realms with his beautiful take on 90s techno, with a softer edge thrown into play. One of the best combinations of contemporary stylings with old school sensibilities, we only get lost within the layering that inspires and transpires from this EP.

Flavours: techno

Check it out here:

Trackstars – Bonanza (L.I.E.S Records)

Well this is the business right here. 4 PROPER house cuts from Delroy Edwards and Nicky Benedek that showcases the power of analogue, drum machines and a bit of melodic soul. From house lovers to house lovers, these ones will have you feeling and smiling for years to come. A proper treasure from this year!


Check it out here:

Various Artists – Blue (Uncanny Valley)

Give up some flavours here! the Uncanny crew deliver some strong strong moments on this collective EP, that span techno, electro and deep house. One for the heads, delve deep into it if you can! big upz.

Flavours: house/electro/techno

Check it out here:

Kainte Kountix – Assortiments (Ville Nouvelle)

We finish up the EP section with the lastest offering from Ville Nouvelle. A beautiful selection of melodic downtempo sweeties, we get lost within the worlds time and time again from this label. This EP will leave you glowing for years and years, give it up. What an ending! beauty!

Flavours: House/deep house/downtempo

Check it out here:


Emerson – If You Need Me, Call Me (Kalita Records)

Like a ray of light that projected itself through time, we now can appreciate the beauty and the glory of Emerson’s modern soul boogie masterpiece. Never released at the time, this album pairs the beauty of soul ballards with the uptempo stylings of 80s electronica. The vocal work is something else, the emotions are unbelievably high. An album to make you believe again. Reissue of the year? quite possibly.

Flavours: Boogie/modern soul

Check it out here:

Mappa Mundi – Musaics (Midnight Drive)

A proper sublime recording of timeless music, Mappa Mundi’s classic gets the reissue business from the Midnight Drive camp. It is one of those reissues that feels undeniably fresh, as if it was released yesterday. The vibrations of drawn out dubbed techno, paired with breakbeats and soft chords (and some unusual sounds) really has set up the template for many out there contemporary producers. One for the heads, and those deep nights.

Flavours: New beat/leftfield/techno/downtempo

Check it out here:

Castel – Estrel (Echovolt Records)

Proper amazing IDM goodness runs through this reissue of Castel’s ‘Estrel’, a pure gem of a record. Combining pads with classy transitions, effective drumming patterns with chord changes, it all adds up to a brilliant record, one that will continually have our attention for many years to come.

Flavour: IDM/downtempo/techno

Check it out here:

Newworldaquarium – The Dead Bears (NWAQ)

Otherworldliness meets gorgeous driving riddims meet deep deep feels. Welcome to the Dead Bears, a master class in understanding where loops and chords can take you. A deft approach to sound design and composition means this is definitely up there as one of the best reissues of 2019, proper top notch stuff!

Flavours: house/deep house/techno/ambient

Check it out now:

Night Force and the Tom Cats – Dance (Afrosynth)

Afrosynth have released so many superb reissues this year, but this one tops the lot in Endless Grooves’ opinion. A delicate blend of peerless synth work, interlaced over a variety of grooves that spans across boogie, 80s funk and italo, this one has all the flavours. Belgium goodness from the gods!

Flavours: Italo/boogie/funk

Check it out here:

Surprise – Beleive Me (Beaumonde)

Superb reissue of Gabon’s finest, the band here blend fantastic instrumentation with only the best of 80s disco sensibilities. Not only that, but they look to introducing jazz fusion into the mix with great results. A properly balanced record filled to the brim with good vibes, definitely one to check out!

Flavours: Modern soul/boogie/disco/jazz fusion

Check it out here:

La Troupe – Dancing (Erezioni)

A stunning slowed down Italo burner, this one really gets the groove going for the rest of the night. Synth work from the gods spread across two tracks that reflect the day and the nighttime. Perfect for the hazy days, sunset sort of sets, or just enjoying at home with a fine wine, it represents another feather to the cap of the Erezioni label, who have just kept giving up the goods.

Flavours: Italo disco/funk

check it out here:

The Four M Company – The Four M Company (Family Groove Records)

Cooooor, this is the one. Another record that never quite got its proper release back in the day, Family Groove do it once again with this beautiful record from the Four M Company. Modern soul from above, with a stripped back approach that allows the vocals and guitar work to particularly shine through. A real pearl, one for the ages.

Flavours: modern soul/boogie/funk

Check it out here:

Tarika Blue – 45s Collection (Dynamite Cuts)

One of jazz funk fusions greatest records get the reissue treatment here, showcasing 4 of the best cuts from the original 1977 record. Expertly done grooves, brilliant musicality, all done through a band with an extraordinary vision for what the genre could achieve. A real breath of fresh air, a serious serious record.

Flavours: Jazz-fusion/funk

Check it out here:

Carey Harris & Michael Orr – Spread Love (Tidal Waves Music)

Elevated soul from the gods. Like a combo of Gil Scott and Dexter Wansel, Orr and Harris craft a beautiful world here, that sees all sorts of wonderful moments combined to build a record that speaks volumes. Little moments that leave us with a big old smile on our faces, a soul record with real character and flavour.

Flavours: Soul/disco

Check it out here:

Ben Tankard – All Keyed Up EP (Time Capsule)

Time Capsule throw the dice one more time in 2019, serving up 4 cuts from Tankard’s iconic ‘Jazz gospel’ epic, ‘All Keyed Up’. Combining deep key work with innovative drumming patterns, these cuts showcase the brilliance that runs through the original LP. Released just before some of the 90s best deep house records, its arguable that Tankard’s work here had a big old influence on them……maybe??

Flavours: Jazz Gospel/electronica

Check it out here:

Spirit – Spirit (Rain&Shine)

woooahh, a 12 minute long soul – disco tune?? yes please! a fantastic, neverending journey through the essence of soul, funk and gospel, where little riffs and vocal lines just add to the power of this never ending train of goodness. just fantastic! check it out!

Flavours: gospel/soul/funk/disco

Check it out here:

Ago – For You (Full Time Records)

fuck yes! Full Time give this absolute Italo classic the reissue, and oh boy what a record. Filled to the brim with all the goodness, Ago craft a lovely series of tunes that demonstrate all the best sides of Italo. Songs like ‘For You’ and ‘Trying Over’ just bang so hard, what a sublime record.

Flavours: Italo disco

Check it out here:

Nkono Teles – Party Beats (BBE)

All of Nkono Teles’ music is fantastic, a testament to his musical genius and extraordinary vision. Here we find his injected brilliance into a body of more playful and fun tunes, ready to light any dance floor on fire. Or if you like, just sit back and appreciate this man’s talents. His keys work is something else!

Flavours: Afro disco/funk/cosmic

Check it out here:

Nature Boy – Unreleased Ruffness 1993-1994 (Nature Boy)

Although not technically a reissue, we thought it wise to keep this deep house gem alongside the other classics mentioned in the reissue section. A superb series of the deepest of tunes, Nature Boy sure does grasp the key concepts of a good cut: emotive pads, vocal samples at all the key moments, and deep fucking drums. What more could you want??

Flavours: deep house/house

Check it out here:

P.V.P – Tshildizi/Si Ya Jola (La Casa Tropical)

Two monster tracks from P.V.P, that demonstrates the very best of South African house during the early 90s. Progressions that delve deep, and transitions that just make you shake and groove all night, these cuts are as emotive as they are groovy. Sheer brilliance!

Flavours: house/kwaito

Check it out here:

The Countach – Aqua Marina (Best Record Italy)

the balearic tune to top all balearic tunes. Its hard to think of one tune that so defines a genre, but this one has the lot. Beautiful movements through various layering of instruments, big pads, lovely guitar work, pulsating bass lines. You’ll drinking out of a coconut in Ibiza in no time – maybe if you shut your eyes hehe.

Flavours: Balearic

Check it out here:

Trans-4M – Sublunar Oracles (Safe Trip)

One of this years TOP TOP reissues. A proper trip through time, back to the realms of god like dub techno, where experimentation drove things forward. This has to be one of the genres most exceptional releases, a series of tunes that serve up so many otherworldy experiences and sounds. Jesus christ what a record. Check it out immediately.

Flavours: Dub techno/ambient/downtempo

Check it out here:

Deep Invention Orchestra – Paradise (Best Record Italy)

So here it is, the final entry in our fave reissues. Best Italy once again introduce us to a deep house italo classic, and oh boy is this a good one. Deep chords meet stabs meet vocal work that is nothing short of excellent, we will enjoy belting this one out at nights to come. Heavy duty, serious shit!

Flavours: deep house/italo house

Check it out here:


Various Artists – FIGS Compilation (Future Times)

With any Future Times release, you really do expect the unexpected, along with it probably being some excellent electronic tune. With their comps, you expect nothing less, but amazing dynamic and genre defying cuts. With this, their latest compilation, we hear some of the sounds of contemporary music’s most compelling producers, including Will DiMaggio, Trackstars, Beautiful Swimmers, Jordan GVZ, etc etc. Its all pretty fucking good, so give it a go!

Check it out here:

Orlando Voorn – Diligence Pt. 1 + 2 (Above Board Distribution)

Voorn remains one of techno’s most significant producers, applying his hand to countless records all pushing the genre to new and incredible places. These two albums compile the best of his 90s outputs, under various alises, that focus on pure energising and compelling techno beats that sounds so fresh and relevant today. Check out both if you enjoy ya techno, all of it is excellent!

Check it out here:

Various Artists – Radio Verde: Cape Verdean Dancefloor Music (Compiled By Americo Brito & Arp Frique) (Colourful World Records)

A beautiful collection of some banging tunes from Cape Verpe, that further cement the islands reputation for producing some of the 1970s and 80s most compelling dance floor heaters. No filler, only killer on this one, as tracks move between up tempo afro numbers, to slowed down sing a longs, to epic and intriguing disco numbers. This comp has you sorted. Top top stuff.

Check it out here:

Various Artists – shelTer (Mustesna Records)

An absolutely killer compilation of really compelling dance tunes, and all for the most important of causes. The label is looking to raise awareness of violence towards trans people, along with raising money for a new shelter for Eylül Cansın Trans Guest House, which was forced to close in 2015 for infrastructural and security reasons. Do give the comp a download, for only 12 euros, and you not only get a beautiful collection of tunes, but you will be helping make a big difference to the trans community in Turkey.

Check it out here:

Various Artists – David Haffner’s “Disco with a feeling” (Athens of the North)

Here it is. THE BIG ONE. One of the best compilations of disco tunes in years, label affiliate Haffner takes us on a proper soulful journey through the spectrum of modern soul and disco gems that will light up the soul and the dancefloor. Full of emotion, love and affection, it is one of those comps that hangs together some beautifully due to its thread that runs through its core. TOP TIP!

Check it out here:

Various Artists – Night City Life compiled by IIan Pdahtzur (Spacetalk)

Italo deepness runs through this wonderful comp of overlooked gems from the 1980s, compiled by music lover and crate digger IIan Pdahtzur. His love of all these tunes is reflected throughout, as we imagine ourselves standing in his shoes overlooking London at nighttime, contextualising these tunes with his love of the city and music found within.

check it out here:

Various Artists – AOR Global Sounds Vol.4 (1977-1986, Selected by Charles Maurice) (Favourite Recordings)

ohhhhhhh yes. This one has it all. An amazing collection of tunes from the Favourite camp, who really are one of the best labels kicking about at the moment. From modern soul, to boogie, to Neapolitan funk, to everything inbetween, this comp will keep you dancing and smiling for fucking ages. What a selection on this, and a few very rare tunes make it on, including this writers favourite discovery of the year, Special Occasions monster track ‘Flyin’ to Santa Barbara’. HUGE!

Check it out here:

Various Artists – In The Red Vol. II (Chuwanaga)

Another excellent addition to the ever impressive Chuwanaga’s discography, as they take another dip into the wonderful genre of Brit Funk. Expect surprising groovy numbers, big old synth solos, unique vocal work, and an overall amazing listening experience. Check out the Volume 1 too, both these comps are fire!!

Check it out here:

E.M.U – Electro Music Union, Sinoesin & Xonox Works 1993 – 1994 (AVA. RECORDS)

Oh yeeeeee. AVA shines a light on the works of J. M. Adkins, who released some of the most compelling and forward thinking techno during the early 90s. The tunes are reflective of a musical mind operating on so many levels, thinking about aesthetics as well as depth and diversity, with this comp an enormous celebration of his music. A must have for any techno lover out there, you will not be disappointed.

Check it out here:

Patrice Rushden – You Remind Me (The Classic Elektra Recordings 1978-1984) (Strut)

Patrice Rushden is an incredible composer, singer, producer, arranger…..yeah she’s wickedly talented. Her 70s and 80s outputs were all widely celebrated, due to her musical application and the quality of the tunes found within these releases. This comp highlights the best from this period, demonstrating her ability to write some beautiful jazz fusion/funk tunes along with some of the early 80s most celebrated disco belters.

Check it out her:

Toshifumi Hinata – Broken Belief (Music From Memory)

Music From Memory always serve up the goods, but this time they really outdid themselves (and thats saying something). With this release, they compile some of Japanese composer Hinata’s most beautiful and evocative tunes in this most exquisite compilation. You would be hard pressed to find a more moving series of tunes all year, as Hinata blends traditional instruments with synths and drum pads to create a powerful and potent blend of tunes from the gods.

Check it out here:

Various Artists – Aesthetics Vol. 2 (JAZZVE Tunes by Mates)

A proper banging selection of tunes from the Russian label, that delve into many facets of electronica. You got your deep house, you got your jazz house, then theres techno and more driving deeper shit. Some for the night and some for the day (and inbetween). what more could you want?

check it out here:

It takes a Village – The Sounds of Physical Therapy (Allergy Season)

Physical Therapy really flexes here as he presents 11 tracks from 9 (fucking 9!!!) aliases and collabs. Blending from jungle to techno to IDM, the energy levels as expected are extremely high, and we are all for it. Enjoy at max volume wherever you are in the world.

check it out here:

Various Artists – EYA 006 (EYA Records)

EYA mark their 6th collective release with a series of acid tinged stompers, moving across the realms of techno, house and electro. Lovely textures and tones abound from this release, and are sure to smash some windows in your neighbourhood if played excessively (as if we would encourage that haha). Stellar work!

check it out here:

Patrick Cowley – Mechanical Fantasy Box (Dark Entries)

The heads behind Dark Entries has always shown an unbelievable level of love and care towards preserving the legacies of music’s greats, that is shown in their musical appreciation and understandings of the people behind the tunes. They do that extact thing here, with a beautiful comp of disco revolutionary Patrick Cowley’s unreleased tunes. Expect only the very best in hedonistic synth driven pile drivers. Brilliant brilliant stuff.

Check it out here:

Various – Tracks from the Dungeon (L.A Club Resource)

Some slammin’ tracks from the Club Resource, headed by Delroy Edwards. 6 tracks that burn so brightly they light your ears on fire, from some of house music’s most important figureheads. Well worth checking out if you enjoy your house slammin’, your drums heavy, and your feels running high. HUGE SHIT!

check it out here:

Erick Cosaque – Chinal Ka 1973-1995 (Heavenly Sweetness)

FINALLY, we arrive at the end. And what better way to do so with the inclusion of this wonderful comp of Cosaque’s best tunes from 73-95. A extremely talented musician, Cosaque blended jazz with afro beat to create unique fusions, tunes that definitely will remain relevant for years to come. A comp of the highest order.

check it out here:

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