Unearthed Gems

Tunes found from the depths, shared and discussed.

On this page, we will be shared various tunes from across the spectrum for you to enjoy! like a wee music blog of sorts. So discover and comment if you wish.

Connective Zone – Complete ( From the EP ‘All the Ones’, Unexplored Beats, 2002)

Lovely slamming early 2000s techno tune, by the man Connective Zone. The tune starts off with a beauty of a drumming sequence, before deep as fuck pads come in and elevate the track beyond the stars. The energy doesn’t drop one bit throughout, its wicked!

Check out his other releases here, all very very good modern day techno cuts: https://www.discogs.com/artist/7456-Connective-Zone

Sterac – Darkness (From the EP ‘Asphyx’, 100% Pure, 1995)

Hmmmmmm. This one is a real thumper, combining the stylings of breakbeat with the depths of trance and techno. It feels like a powerful blend of all the amazing genres and sounds swirling around at the time, with a sick bass line to throw into proceedings (reminiscent of works by Roni Size, to People’s Plus).

The whole EP, to be honest, is superb, and crosses many dimensions on its way to sonic dance perfection. check it!

Check out the rest of his discography here: https://www.discogs.com/artist/1174-Sterac

Casey Tucker – BST (From the EP ‘Knoe 2/1’, For Those That Knoe, 2013)

This is some proper deep stuff. A lovely combo between the softer techno lines, acid house, and the deep chords of Detroit Techno early release. Tucker delivers it all with supreme confidence and ability, a superb blend of all these good things into a well rounded tune and a fantastic ep to boot!

Check out his discography here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_JPgiTHk9Y

Tons Of Tones – Sheherezade (Funk D’Void Remix) (from the EP ‘Sisteron’, Urban Sound of Amsterdam, 1997)

coooooor. Techno never felt so deep. The charming beats move away to give space to deep as hell pads, that swell from the underworld with such a force they punch ya right in the temples. The layering and sequencing then takes it to another level, as the jam progresses in full force. Pure techno power! a workout for the heart and the feet.

Check out the rest of Tons of tones discography here:


North / Clybourn – O Ban 1 (Radio Edit) (from North / Clybourn’s ‘O Ban 1’ EP, Gherkin Records, 1989)

cooer! this one could move mountains. Proper flavours from Chicago, during the later years of the original house movement that occurred here. A looping synth that runs through the heart of the tune, on top of light yet jackin drums, are tied together but a beautiful series of vocals that drive deep and soar high. Released on the superb Gherkin imprint, that served up the goods for dance floors around the globe. Feel good aint even the word! its otherworldly! dance!

check out the rest of the Gherkin back catalogue here:


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